Ben Kaczor – Sun Chapter One – KCZ

I like this. A lot. Listening to Lights which introduces the album a sense of uncertainty grabs hold like you aren’t quite sure what is going to occur next. For me that’s the barometer of good music as it avoids the tedium of formula (with the possible exception of the Blues). Then somewhere around the five minute point that lack of certainty is replaced by an elevated sense of joy and things get very heated, very beautiful indeed. Listen for the excellent, almost hidden percussion work too. Next, the journey proceeds into darker, industrial landscapes with Passage, then suggests lighter relief with Spinning Wheels. A breathless, funkiness generated by the whir of repetition follows with Alternation, as does the grainy, picturesque resolution of Chronos, while not forgetting the earlier melancholic melody of The Fool.

Minus the drums this could easily be said to be future ambience not untainted by the cloud of the past, although with their intrinsic energy feeding into the equation the music serves as a startling reminder of the art of what is possible.

Release: April 1

Ben Kaczor · KCZ006 – Ben Kaczor – Sun Chapter One LP (out 01.04.22)

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