Ben Kaczor – Typ – KCZ / CZT / KCZX

Ben Kaczor’s Typ feels like you are exploring new locations. Finding fresh, innovative ways of seeing and listening to sounds that perhaps wouldn’t readily fill your view of the world. This collaborative project sees the artist amalgamate thought processes alongside the Grafik work of Nycoel Jung, as well as Nina Kummer’s poetry, all of which can be found in the accompanying booklet to the release The Zine. Originally the music was developed around the design and text but very much has a life of its own, punctuating and rippling with tense atmospheres filling an endless void of the unknown. The grainy tension of Pressure Search is poignant, soul searching while the lighter moods created by Fog Meadow almost seems like light relief. Either way all of the pieces are perfectly realised while succeeding in probing at the sorts of questions not so easily answered without the use of language. Cast across the field of stereo the eloquent textures tear at the edges yet fill the imagination with a darker taste of bliss. Fuel for the fire…

Release: September 27

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