Ben Vida and Lea Bertucci – Murmurations – Cibachrome Editions

Words form conversation. If you might wonder how those expressions then connect to the presence of electricity then answers might well be discovered somewhere within Murmurations. The word itself suggests a couple of actions: one is of human formation, the other of a spectacular flying variety.

The conversational aspects of the interaction between Ben Vida and Lea Bertucci form strange, ethereal shapes etching into the psyche at fast rates, then their subsequent collapsing into something else. Best illustrated below via Gasps and Spasms, although It is perhaps almost pointless in trying to describe this music in text as it free flows between the two imaginations creating it and the third person i.e. you who is listening to it on a need to know basis. However if the luminous impressions formed by tape manipulation, and voices, and unconventional synthesizers, should tempt you in any way then you will want to embrace this highly charged, peculiarly oblique yet soulful experience full heartedly.

Release: April 1

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