Ben Vida – Reducing The Tempo To Zero – Shelter Press

The word here is breath-taking. Literally. Expanding time to a total of four hours this undulating landscape of motion is bliss unfolded. Eloquently exploring the far reaches of stereo movements evolve in meditative ways over each of the four parts, defining a series of works spanning four years in creation by Ben Vida. Again this may clash with convention as neither drums nor melody are employed in the process and yet feels all the more free for it. Your imagination is paramount here and is left to find its own path as synthesized sound feels at once peacefully poignant, while contrasted by being forcefully robust. There is nothing remotely lightweight about this experience. Perhaps, this will be the most challenging situation you may find yourself in as the completing moments of part four seek out the past, rooted firmly in the future.

Mastered by Stephan Mathieu
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