Black Light Smoke – Work feat. Léah Lazonick – Death Decay Magic

“I don’t have time to listen to your DJ mix. I don’t have time for DJ’s.”

The perfect sentiment to accompany this killer piece of incendiary music, which doesn’t pull punches musically or otherwise. Sometimes sounds are so compelling it really doesn’t matter exactly when they were made, they inherently carry that timeless gene with its emotional charge burning directly into your subconscious. The versions and remixes are all ridiculously good too. Try the Street Mix for syncopated, sleazy heaven or the Happy707 Remix for blistering relief. Then, Girls Dance With Computer quickly senses the early 1980’s world of electronic disco with a passion while feeding it hungrily to you, complimented by the Dina Summer Remix (Local Suicide & Kalipo) all bases are touched upon adding the flair of melody to the affair. Excellent.

Release: June 10

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