Bobby “O” – Freedom In An Unfree World: Expanded Edition – Cherry Pop

Disclaimer: Bobby O was a highly influential cornerstone covering an indispensable set of four on the floor beats and European influenced, syncopated rhythms which I had first tuned into some three years before House Music hit. His music and production values from 1983, soon to be copied and commercialised in the UK, still resonate now via gritty instrumentation and suggestive lyrics. His record label “O” Records which this debut album first appeared on also had the likes of Divine and The Flirts to boast. Ironically, for this review, it’s actually the bonus tracks containing the Club versions of his early singles that really set the floor alight. Although, honorary mentions are certainly due to German Girls alongside the life lesson of How To Pick Up Girls – learn to dance! John “Jellybean” Benitez remixed the seminal I’m So Hot For You plus the equally glorious She Has A Way – incidentally Bobby O’s first single – while Beat By Beat (Try My Love) was excitedly handled by Cha Cha Garcia. Hit cowbells, dance, sing and be happy.

Release: April 28

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