boycalledcrow – Mystic Scally – Wormhole World

Carl M Knott’s follow-up and third solo outing is both strange and startling. A mystifying journey through an English sense of Folk which at times infuses the album with an organic, lived-in aspect that wants to reference musicians like Richard Thompson, but in reality is as far away from that traditional blend as is possible. Caustic sample cuts of acoustic guitar, voices and general other worldliness denote Mystic Scally’s sincere disregard of convention. At times reflecting melancholy and loss of meaning Oh, The Guilt, or celebrating beauty by Chasing Rainbows, while at others vigorously messing with your mind on Ghost In My Head. Further adventures of braze, uncompromising landscapes of sound from this notable manipulator of imaginary tomorrows….

Release: August 28


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