Boycalledcrow – Nightmare Folk Art – Subexotic Records

If music means anything it means something. I wonder what Pete Seeger or for that matter Phil Orchs would have made of this version of Folk storytelling. While the acoustic strains from the genre are woven throughout moments inhabiting this album they are not strictly tied down by them, setting the sounds and imagination free. The thing here is that this collection of pieces from Boycalledcrow feels like an evolution of the art form, talking up inspiration, rather than seeking to copy, regurgitating what went before like the re-editing of disco tirelessly does, or 90’s House, like either was never about radical transformation in the first place.

Let’s use the word incredible to describe what has been produced like a wave of motion hitting you rolling via a rush of memories, thought process, wild sonic treatments and most importantly the emotional substance found in all great, lasting music. But whatever you do please don’t link the word pastoral to the semantics of folk music or its consequent art. The edges undercutting are surreal at times, nightmarish even, illuminating an anxious rapid eye movement, always determinedly evocative, thought-provoking in the truest form of the meaning.

Release: March 31


Subexotic Records · Excerpts From Nightmare Folk Art – Boycalledcrow
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