Brandon Wolcott & Emil Abramyan – Music of The Record – Kingdoms

Reviewing music can be a faceless activity. Sometimes it seems the sounds exist in another place, you have to reach out for them. Perhaps that’s what’s happening here because this kind of ethereal beauty is not always easily realised. It feels like it’s being played in the room, in front of you, such is the connection it generates but then that otherworldliness pulls you apart. The haunting sense of reality that informs the second release from the label grabs at all sorts of emotions and part of what is so intriguing here is the brilliant combination of the classically trained, orchestral styles alongside the futuristic – Drum machines are included. I also like the way the album offsets itself, as in one moment your senses are rigorously challenged and then chillingly relaxed the next, circa the lounge smooth of Pedestrian Jazz. (re)Turn completes the session via a return to the unveiling tensions which in the most part typify this excellent album from Brandon Wolcott & Emil Abramyan. Although also typically the track seeks to contrast itself resolving in an unsuspected and brilliant way.

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