Brown Fang – Sherwood Pines – NuNorthern Soul

Tracing Paper is a masterpiece capturing everything that is heavenly about music across its ten minutes of being. You just know you are going to reflect back on hearing this in some beautiful environment and simply smile about it in the future. Chiming with the seed of possibility its combination of repeating intensity feels eloquent, slightly melancholic and most certainly inspiring to the touch. Like Vini Reilly would do a cover version. Then as the drums are introduced alongside John Thompson’s exceptional bass playing life really doesn’t get better. HDMI Love You channels that same mood, yet by the time Fridgewords lands you can hear the echo of a fidgety, minimalist input occurring. Ending via the plucked shimmer of Henry Scott AKA Henry Claude’s guitar on Goodbye Donkey Jacket the repetitions are as seemingly endless as the sheer quality defies the gravitational pull to set you free. Outstanding by all accounts.

Release: April 8

NuNorthernSoul · Brown Fang – Sherwood Pines [NUNS042] SAMPLER
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