Brueder Selke – Marienborn – Oscarson

Never quite reaching the point of no return music that questions the nature of the human condition beyond bland pronouncements of I Love You is to be cherished. Operating under their given names Sebastian Selke and Daniel Selke rather than the previous guise of CEEYS the music produced is captivating and in ways trance-like, it is also romantic recalling a lost past – though absolutely not nostalgic, it’s too engaged for that. Sketches and imagined encounters are drawn out upon piano, cello and violins/ viola (by Viktor Orri Arnason) accompanied by percussive time signatures that likewise strike chords as do the inclusion of recorded samples via their LandR collaboration. Despite the organic nature of the instruments there is a prevailing electronic edge permeating throughout, lending it a most contemporary definition.

Named after the infamous former GDR border crossing, Marienborn it is perhaps the title track itself that resonates most, full of emotional yet reassuring turmoil, speaking volumes via poignant piano and undercurrent of rich strings. Also try, Autobahn A2 for its lost and found exploration of inner travel which is also quite simply a beautiful piece of music. The album arrives complete with impressive artwork, words and videos to further enhance the experience, if indeed that were possible.

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