Bunita Marcus – Lecture For Jo Kondo – 99Chants

Redressing the imbalance of Bunita Marcus’s contribution to musical history this release from David August’s 99Chants is as compelling as it rewarding. Composed using the theory: Repetition + Mutation = Patterning an expansive narration is accompanied by organic instrumentation, played by Ensemble Adapter and Bunita Marcus, creating evocative passages of time based around the words of the Nico Vassilakis poem, Lowered and Illuminated. While almost feeling frozen in time the imagination gets sparked by an explosion of memory as this cinema of literature illuminates the here and now. Followed by the excellent David August Deconstruction which resets the atmosphere into a city framework of night-time sounds haunted by lost ambience. The seemingly structure-less architecture of which is most compelling in both instances.

Release: September 25

buy https://99chants.bandcamp.com/album/lecture-for-jo-kondo

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