Burial – Streetlands – Hyperdub

Breathing life into confusion Burial combines hate and loss and joy and hope in varying degrees on this latest release of his mind-set. One of the questions is, who else does this so succinctly, so powerfully. I guess that’s why Hospital Chapel is called what it is. A trip through darkness suggesting lost/ found in its solace of sombre/ ethereal keys. The invitation is then extended on the title track as it carouses through a melody of eastern voices, washes of wonderful ambience and ocean plunging uncertainty as the track cuts up emotions and thoughts like the ghost of Burroughs is still around. Exokind, finalizes this latest statement of intent via seemingly contradictory elements of sounds, from uplifting eighties synths to dark, grainy corners as they are pasted together in further, unsettling ways provoking interference and consequent reaction, like music was designed to do.


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