bvdub & Netherworld – Equilibrium – Glacial Movements

The reflective beauty inherent in this music reaches a climax of highs just as it plunges into the further reaches of the essence lost to time like glaciers themselves. Self-defining, the search continues in earnest across four waves of sound forming initially around the rousing vocals on No Trees For Miles then explores the power of movement without them. Darkness From The Sun evokes a similarly hopeful combination of delicate notes surrounding by deep pluses of pads plus shimmering keys all of which are underpinned by low bass. Moments turn to edgier reflection next as Seas Of Stone And Sand feels heavier, like there’s something weighing down on the horizon. However, optimism is restored to place as the final piece Ice On Fire comes into view via its competing cascades of colourful sounds comprising of dense, drones and pads contrasted by hidden hints of melody. Equilibrium seems to be about the drift through life or perhaps falling into the air while not being exactly sure were you will land. Either way it is an exciting, tip of the tongue trip to wherever destination.

Release: December 16

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