Camp Of Wolves – Planetar – Subexotic Records

Planetar miraculously stimulates the sensation that you are drifting around the expanse of space gazing wide-eyed at the surrounding wonder of it all. Or possibly being horizontal at an observatory lost in sound amid the unfolding, lonely yet cosmic beauty. The synthesizers employed mould a kind of lost in time feeling which may echo television from a distant 1970’s or 1980’s as space exploration seemed far out of reach, completely fantastical unless you were tuned into a Sci-Fi antenna. Combining orchestral textures alongside a mixture of light and shade, deep bass and rousing highs, tones proceed to twist and turn into something unexpected like the propulsion of freeform flight itself. David Salisbury’s richly atmospheric journey to the unknown is rewarding and is in many ways exceptional given that it imagines worlds outside of the trajectory of their mainstream counterparts, connecting with a deeper, evolutionary understanding of the human soul and its hasty flight forwards…

Release: February 24

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