Citizen Maze – Serenity In The Woods – Analogue Attic Recordings

Never mind tweet tweet this collection of nature inspired numbers all hit base beginning with the thought-provoking Natural Playground setting the scene. In ways it’s a curious blend of child-like chatter, buzzing, humming creatures offset by deft piano, rumbling low-end theory and pulsating percussion alongside the charming notes emanating from a jazzy, breathy Saxophone. The oozing waves of emotional rollercoasters via Glade Hollow roll on next as more punchy percussion underlies warm, evocative voices and compelling ambient atmospheres. While, Moonlight Sanctuary again feeds your imagination with sights and sounds as the brisk drums and poignant, undulating keys of the title track end with rolling rhythms and an invitation to do as you please – though possibly horizontally. All are first rate productions which make a most pleasant change to the clatter of trying too hard music.

Release: August 17

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