Clarian – Television Days – BalanceSeries

As an increasing amount of music looks backwards it is reassuring that this debut long player from Clarian also engages with a sense of future. At times, such as, Under The Gun it can feel like you are getting lost in some sort of 1980’s dream (or nightmare) as synth hits chime melodies alongside delicate, breathy vocals and a mood that captures the decade (pre-House) almost perfectly. Atmosphere’s chop and change and that’s part of the albums enticing charm as befits the opening, Dedicated To Sagan which as the title suggests transmits a cosmic energy, full beam ahead. The fantasy continues on Sleepers via low-slung syncopated rhythms that effortlessly glide across the stereo, while the drama highlighted by Mote Of Dust is another standout. Clarian’s vocals sing out on the concluding title track, though not before the proto Chicago vibes of West Hollywood feel particularly uplifting in that way only synthesized sound can.

Release: February 23


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