Curses Presents: Next Wave Acid Punx – Eskimo Recordings

Luca Venezia aka Curses three chapter story linking the cause and effect between the riotous intersection of dangerous electronic and radical noise, from America all the way through to Europe and beyond, proves exceptional to the rules as if electricity got tripped-out, hot-wired in another direction. Like the altogether more unruly cousin of disco and its comparatively polite (MOR) aftermath these alternatives from the likes of Yello, A Split Second (whose Flesh still sounds pivotal), Front 242, In-D and Gina X appear rawer, more intensely human readily reflecting what was happening politically/ culturally in those times. Even the late night temptation of Trax Records’ Mystery Girl from 1987 brilliantly fits the bill and you can hear those exchange of ideas between the continents clear as day, all making up the first Classics CD.

Next is Chapter 2: Break A Sweat (Recent) highlighting the rich vein of influence cast by the artists on the first disc. The current day has produced a range of producers who sound just as good in the shape of Moderna & Theus Mago, Zombies In Miami, Paresse and Damon Jee & Darlyn Vlys amongst many significant others. Each echo the past but aren’t dictated to it by it employing a sense of freedom to explore and redefine.

The final CD compiles a series of exclusives as Maximum Heat including Curses own Discipline (listen below), the breathy sleaze of Amarcord – Spleen, Tronik Youth’s sizzling Spirit Dancer and Local Suicide & Skelesys outstanding Faster Faster. All of which joins up the dots between New Beat, Acid House, EBM, Post-Punk something or other and a whole host of various disciplines and exciting ideas which it almost feels aren’t heard as often as they should be. This release redresses the balance in explosive ways.

Release: June 4

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