Dana Ruh – Different Places Different Faces – Smallville Records

If you are searching for music of distinction then Different Places Different Faces ticks the box. Featuring four tracks, each with their own distinct flavour, the fiery intricacy igniting the drums of The Spirit begins with additional combinations of deep bass, cutting stabs alongside an expanse of open spaces letting you breathe it all in. TJ Mornings features a warm glow of pads plus voices adding the human touch, while the hopeful LA Nights follows with a brisk intensity again highlighted by passionate drum programming, vocal edits and classic synthesized chords hinting at the past. To end the very excellent, Reach Out For Me sequences stripped back percussion together with thoughtful, electronic punctuation plus a tastefully jazz/ funk bassline capturing the essence of sundown as the cool accompanying chords dance around the horizon.

Release: February 3

Smallville Records · Smallville 59 – Dana Ruh – Different Places Different Faces
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