Daniel Maunick – A Vicious Circle – Far Out Recordings

Sometimes certain types of music sound like your life is playing on a revolving loop of one musical idea. But in this case Daniel Maunick takes the process of reworking the past over sizzling hi-hats and drums, and points it in the direction of enviable joy. This release has been limited to a run of 300 vinyl-only copies which begins with the Disco pump and grind of The Morning After. Smouldering over the night before the drums capture that certain point in time as vocals fly soulfully over the grooves, while irresistibly syncopated basslines keeps the energy levels elevated. Next are the Jazz-Funk flavours of A Vicious Circle, followed by the early eighties influences that achieve a One Nite Stand.

Release: March 1

Instagram: @danmaunick

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