Daniel Maunick – Musica Encantada EP – Far Out Recordings

I guess the singular thread spun throughout each of these productions is that of life assuring, soulful intensity. That, plus the heavy-duty amount of funk ingrained into each of the four numbers. Excitement drips from every pour of Daniel Maunick’s, Hurt Feelings as the rush of energised percussion plus deep bass start this new EP with a definite bang. The drums provide an array of intricate patterns while the instrumentation plays like it means it. A Chance To See Again sequences the distinct flair of Detroit next, with the succinctly irresistible Africana playing like a drummers paradise in Latin. The self-explanatory Black Magic (vinyl only) completes care of punchy piano alongside more hot, rolling grooves compacted by that signature intensity.

Release: October 23

buy https://danielmaunick.bandcamp.com/album/musica-encantada-ep


Le Mellotron · [PREMIERE] Daniel Maunick – Africana (Far Out Recordings)
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