Daniel Steinberg (Q&A)

treptowYour new album: Treptow is an amazing combination of sounds and styles. Can you tell us about your musical background and which artists have inspired you in creating it?

Thank you. My musical background – I grew up listening to 80s pop, my first ever record was Depeche Mode ‘Greatest Hits’ when I started clubbing at 15 I loved Marusha, she signed my hand and I didn’t wash it for 2 days. But the inspiration for this album came from a 9 day period of self imposed exile where I lost my mind listening to some pretty obscure artists including the likes of Ron Geesin, Mark Shreeve and Trevor Wishart.

You draw on rich source of music for samples. Could you explain the process involved in producing Tomorrow for example?

It’s true, I have a massive vinyl and cd collection from which I source my samples. I created ‘Tomorrow’ using 30 different songs. I started with the groove, I always do. If I think a beat is catchy enough then I’ll add the bassline. In this case the bassline was sourced from a 60s soul track. The ‘you got the time’ sample I found on an old hip-hop scratching vinyl from the early 90s. It was such a nice surprise that so many samples worked well with the beat so ‘Tomorrow’ was a real pleasure to arrange, kind of like doing a really fun jigsaw puzzle when you’ve got the corners and the boarders in already place.

Do you have any particular favourite pieces of hardware/ software that you like to use?

Bass Station Novation and Moog Modular. I really like the warm analog-basslines.

How did you first get into Dj’ing? Which DJ’s initially influenced you?

I started dj’ing, as most people do, at friends house parties. I was also the high school Dj and played every day in the school breaks. It was pretty fun playing with 2 tape decks and no pitch-fader. It’s hard to imagine today Dj’s having to put tracks together without a pitch or sync button. Initially my influences were the old Dj heroes from the 90ies like Jeff Mills, Joey Beltram, CJ Bolland, Westbam, Thomas P. Heckmann & Hardfoor.

Where are you Dj’ing now?

danielNo longer in the high school : )

[places like Watergate, Sisyphos, Suicide Circus in Berlin are regular spots]

How would you describe the scene in Berlin at the moment? Which are favourite bars/ clubs?

The crowd in the clubs has definitely changed in Berlin. There are less regulars and far more tourists, and to accommodate this the number of parties has tripled in recent years. If you want there is a party to go to 24 hours a day 7 days a week, it’s techno heaven. My favourite clubs at the moment are Salon De Wilde Renate & Sisyphos but it’s always changing, which means you can never be bored!

Your album is such a refreshing change as it isn’t afraid to think outside of the box. How important is that to you?

Again thank you. The most important thing for me is to make music that I love that will stand the test of time rather than following trends or whatever is in fashion.

Daniel_Steinberg_by_Marie_Staggat_51swCan you tell us about your label Arms & Legs (co-founded with Nils Ohrmann) and your plans for it?

I started the label with my best mate Nils Ohrmann in 2011. We established the label in order to release music we love unbeholden to the demands of other labels and their A&R Managers etc. What a dream. Following the release of my album ‘Treptow’ there will be a remix album showcasing the best tracks remixed by producers we admire, stay tuned!

‘Treptow’ is out on Arms & Legs now

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Buy Treptow: http://www.beatport.com/release/treptow/1056250

Treptow reviewed at Magazine Sixty https://www.magazinesixty.com/?p=850

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