Dark Exotica: As Dug By Lux & Ivy – Psalm

Like walking backwards in time this compilation follows the path explored by Lux and Ivy pointing you in the direction of the unknown in all its late-night wonder. Sounding like every piece of cinema you’ve ever fallen in love with these ode’s to lost love and off the beaten track suggestion provide a journey every bit as wondrous as the others in their quest to unearth or to reacquaint the listener with the joy of jazz, celluloid and perhaps the occasional illicit encounter. If that suggestion turns you off you are missing out on some equistite sounds from the Buddy Collette Septet’s classic Taboo to the John McFarland Sextet’s grainy yet beautiful strains of Tangerine, to Stan Kenton’s explosive Latin flairs to Bill Russo’s travels through the Seven Deadly Sins which prove to be conceptual and robustly realised. Put simply, more joy to behold.

Also important to note the music has been remastered from the original sound sources, with wonderfully expressive sleeve notes provided by MOJO’s Dave Henderson.

Release: September 16
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