Das Komplex – Reverse Hallucination – King Of Kong

This hits you like all you most important influences have been channelled into a single excitedly, exhilarating experience. That’s not to detract from the originality of Maybe There in any way as it feels resolutely more invigorating than any number of bland offers you may have to navigate this week, or the next…
Lines of serious guitar pick apart the pieces left by robust bass, while drums flutter across the stereo amid the whir of heady effects, and yet you can also soak up the warm melodic distraction of finely tuned, electric keys too. That emotional roller-coaster continues as Stay begins life with a uniquely sublime introduction, then Sounds adds a heavier mood to its low-sluing theory amid a timely detuned Poet. Finally, Lagos twists rhythms around languid basslines to produce a compelling Balearic twist which proves equally irresistible.

Release: April 17 (digital)

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