Debashis Sinha – Adeva_v000_04 / Brahmaputra – Establishment

Serving an invigorating intensity that exits outside of nowhere Debashis Sinha’s delicious retelling of electronic trepidation fuses imminent danger together with a forward thinking urgency. Often sounding like machines in freefall improvising a way forwards this release combines two albums in one of which I am reviewing Adeva_v000_04 here first. Experimental I guess is the word most attuned to the vibrant nature of it all although it also feels organic like pathways connecting, gathering and sharing emotional information. It’s a compelling, thrilling listen that provokes questions as you listen, or more likely as you traverse dreamspace, while reacting to interactive voices and sounds as they collide speaking in the tongue of mysterious language. Wondrous. Next is Brahmaputra which has a more meditative, calming aura surrounding its likewise penetrative moods and aspirations. Combined both albums satisfy differing needs, though personally it’s hard to avoid the consequences of Adeva’s searing flame.

Release: December 13

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