Deee-Lite – World Clique – WEA (Cherry Red Records)

Deee-Lite exploded onto 1990 with a dizzy sense of excitement that is still very much obvious with the re-release of their debut album. And typically of that year while House Music fuelled the rhythms other elements are proudly at play too. Their music is as much a celebration of club culture both historically, featuring the likes of Maceo Parker and Bootsy Collins, while placing what had gone on before in a typically contemporary setting. Never afraid to use breaks and reference points but then they didn’t shy away from injecting a brash melody into the arrangements either with Lady Miss Kier proving to personify the groups sheer exuberance. What Is Love and Good Beat sound just as hot as back then, though some of what were new sounds from that era feel dated now, as is inevitable. But equally the final track, Build The Bridge should leave you in no doubt as to the impact World Clique had and has. The album also comes with a second CD containing all the essential remixes.

Release: February 21

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