Demuir – An Artists Thinketh EP – Heist Recordings

Once upon a time records that sounded as exciting at this one populated dancefloors all over everywhere. Typifying and exciting the reasons why House Music, in the more fashionable part of the 1990’s, was so supremely wonderful to experience. Demuir has redefined that expectation with his delicious Werq. Feel. Gruv. Vogue. which succeeds in capturing your attention so intently that it reinforces all that was once significant about the genre. I can’t get enough of it! The rigours rhythms employed capture that essence as insanely sassy keys plus rolling bass and drums all work the tension up to fever-pitch, leaving the fierce vocals to ice the cake. Remaining numbers have the pumping, brash chords of The 3nity Returneth and the slinky, breezy refrains of Philippine Sunrise complete the release, though not before time to relish Lady Blacktronika’s intense reworking of the latter.

Release: December 2


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