Dino Lenny – Did This – R&S Records

I was trying to think of something clever about Dino Lenny to entice you into reading the remainder of this review but as you will already know his music is exemplary in so many ways. You can never quite guess what you are going to hear but rest assured it will be a collection of exciting ideas colliding to push boundaries, shaking up boredom and clique out of complacency. Did This is proudly no exception. Sizzling with edgy Acidic undertones, fiery Jazzy piano alongside twisted rave era stabs talking up a riot, plus drums that ignite rhythm and movement as his own voice narrates the story. Listen for yourself.

Release: February 10
buy https://randsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/did-this

R & S Records · Dino Lenny – Did This (RS2214) [clip]
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