Dino Lenny – You Little Punk – Fine Human Records

One of the most intoxicating and excellent records this year, which given the mountain of monotony you have to wade through to get there its prize proves all the more rewarding in the end. If you love the type of dark bass tones which smoulder, drums which punch through the crisp air, plus dangerous synths that sizzle then you are half way there. The cool precision of the completing voice then ignites the remaining space via a defining complexity containing the words punk and drunk, which of course are some of my very favourite possibilities. Music is there to get excited about after all. The perfect choice for the remix is realised by Damon Jee who adds a fierce, coarse electrifying intensity to it all delivering the robust alternative. More please.

Release: December 4


Listen / buy https://www.beatport.com/release/you-little-punk/3192277

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