DJ Counselling – Inside a Blue Cube EP – Shall Not Fade

When pain subsides and the drug finishes its intended use Tramadol finds a whole host of other games to play. Given it’s an opiate that’s probably not surprising. That was my experience anyway, which I only mention as the side effects produced by the drug likewise fuelled the imagination of DJ Counselling who remarkably manged to translate those hazy, hallucinatory moments into musical constructs.

Again the music created touches the heart as it does the mind, replenished with both deeper intentions and a thirst for musical creativity. By utilising sounds in twisted, fertile ways to create new world’s lost and found somewhere inside the pathways to find meaningful, soulful resonance. I have always loved music that can do this, it feels so much more thoughtful, or emotional, if you prefer. Like it stands the test of time, like it recognises the radical power of Jazz to inform radical discourse. I’m not going to waste precious time running through each track trying to describe every note and decipher possible genres, when you could be experiencing it all right now for yourself: perfectly formed masterpieces of sonic realisation.

Release: September 29

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