DJ Counselling – Viewing Objects Through a Mass of Heated Air / Sleepless in a Dream – Ten Flowers Records

As time passes the more I get drawn closer into the realms of music like this. When I say, like this, I mean compositions which mean something beyond the simplistic and functional. Such as drum rolls pretending to highlight non-existent tension. Or soul, that doesn’t actually succeed in saying anything about your soul. After all, life is too short.

However on a completely positive note, not only are both titles a rigorous examination of the human condition but the music feels like its diving into your subconscious, digging out imaginary scenarios. They also channel contemporary thought processes into rhythm and how the notes are then inescapably fused together makes inquiries about being alive in 2023. Each seeks out curiosity in sound. Both productions are superlative, listen closely and you can hear worlds being built as future cities, brushed by an anxious darkness but none-the-less make for a much truer reflection.


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