DJ Surgeles – 1833 – Axis Records / The Escape Velocity

Music is full of surprises. Not only to be found in what you like but also located in what you thought you might not. DJ Surgeles unfolds a world of sonic possibility like a wondrous present to the senses as the opening The Leonids testifies, rushing over the stereo in fast forward motion. Without drums or restraint. From there on in beats, sounds and treatments dance around the edges of electrical realms as nostalgia is crushed by new sensibilities. What is so compelling here in the genuine sense of exploration crossing boundaries seeking out new thoughts and unfamiliar motion. Also that the soaring landscapes lend the listener a feeling of traveling into unexplored territory such as on the shuffling rhythms propelling Majestic Fireballs. The cosmos is then reached out for on Atmospheric Phenomena which speaks volumes in its title. Leaving the crystalline intensity of End Of The World to end the album but not before breakbeats are fired up on the fierce Ancient Times and Acid tones engaged on Encounter The Path Of Earth. You could say it’s all a remarkable feat of engineering.


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