DJ W!LD – Trans Europe Express – Roush Label

Ancient Aztec circular design

Of course DJ W!LD’s latest production was going to appear in Magazine Sixty. Not just because the title makes reference to one of our favourite pieces of electronic music but also because it kicks and rocks like all the other fiery productions generated by the DJ. The title fuels eight minutes of brutal drums and bass in typical keynote style while ending via a fizzy pulse of Acid, and is then followed by the equally smouldering rhythms of Peecome, contrasting by channelling a soulful slice of eighties melody throughout the breakdown. Next, Half Way loops magical, atmospheric piano over spoken words while grainy, robust drums ignite the arrangement. Finally, the Hanfry Martinez of Trans Europe Express completes with an insistent remix that also factors light into shade as the swirl of moody pads add defiant brushes of emotional colour.

Release: September 6

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