D’Julz presents ‘The Sound of Bass Culture’ – Bass Culture Records

Next time you’re in Paris…
Celebrating twenty years at Rex Club in the capital is no mean feat by anyone’s standards but to couple that with the release of music as powerful as D’Julz associated Bass Culture imprint is enough to leave you breathless. Beginning with his Serendipity probing with all guns blazing then crossing the rubicon via Ron Bacardi’s immensely intense Rock Your Body, while ending up in the vicinity of Mr G’s sublime Transient and then closing with Orlando Voorn’s soul-searching remix of Anonym – Castaway is quite the journey to make. All entry points are covered from the likes of Sebo K plus Chris Simmonds alongside significant others but from whatever position you may choose Bass Culture ignites the senses like few others can.

Release: Beatport exclusive July 31



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