Dominique Van Cappellen-Waldock – Fleur de Feu: A Fire Ceremony – Caliban Records

Seeking out the edges of existence isn’t an uncomplicated place to dwell but the subsequent rewards for the listener are temptingly ecstatic. Situated somewhere in between the unseen and unspoken Dominique Van Cappellen-Waldock’s exploration of lines drawn and dissipated is as revealing as it is hidden. It sounds like history reverberating around tales of folklore as drums beat, vocals soar and sounds collide in ever questioning ways. To put it simply, it’s thrilling. Like a strange, smouldering cinema of the mind each piece suggests a series of motifs primarily centred on the voice. The introduction of increasingly vibrant combinations of sound infused atmospheres, from organic guitar to sonically charged synthesized sound, then succeeds in never dancing too close to convention. For life affirmation, See The Sun. For spiritual confirmation, Hors du Temps.

Release: May 27

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