Ebende – Arkajo4 – Arkajo

The Source, feels fast like it is in a hurry to communicate something urgent. It’s that sense of urgency driving the pace which makes this all the more brilliant, as percussion moves in unstoppable motion accompanied by a pulse of bass, alongside a commanding array of sound effects expanding the stereo field into distraction. As much as this is about intense energy it is likewise about reaching a deep, atmospheric realisation that sounds simply outstanding. Then the Arkajo Remix arrives, which you really need to hear for yourself to absorb all of its dark, smouldering qualities that capture sublime ferocity perfectly. Again excellent. Magic Land features a more feverish dive into stark Acid notation, with the Pugilist version exercising break fuelled rave-era relief.

Release: April 10 buy https://www.juno.co.uk/products/ebende-arkajo-4/929850-01/ https://www.instagram.com/daniel.ebende/

Mutant disco radio show · PREMIERE : Ebende – The Source (Arkajo)

FH · PREMIERE: Ebende – The Source (Arkajo Remix)[ARKAJO]
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