Elbee Bad – Crossing Dimensions – Thema Recordings

Part of me wants to denounce Disco as worn out with every possible sample rinsed to death. Every conceivable note ripped apart and re-edited to satisfy safe nostalgic obsession. But then you hear a record like Request Monster and you simply want to get lost in it all over again. In its favour the sting in the tale here, besides the smoky low pitched voice questioning requesting DJ’s, is the piano which neatly offsets what came before via an edgy injection of jazzy fuel care of Joel Holmes. Next, A Lot Of Jazz As A Child (Sun Ra’s Children) reworks a kick drums brutal potential accompanied by trippy voices plus robust bass and brass. If EYE Was From The D (Vinyl Edit) and Crossing Dimensions (In The 5th Edit) then proceed to get lost in space with probing beats and notation all chiming at future possibilities, while nodding out to the past. The percussion punctuated Jami Jam Dubb’d completes with taught drums, swinging piano riffs and a heavy dose of space echo for good measure resounding in bold fashion. You can see and hear exactly why the release has been called Crossing Dimensions.

Release: June 29

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