Eli Escobar – Shout – Classic Music Company

Just ahead of the digital release of Eli Escobar’s typically wonderful album 2018 is no doubt set to surprise us all. What’s perhaps most rewarding of all here, apart from the sheer quality of the music, is the range and depth with which Eli Escobar explores avenues of sound. Whether that’s the downtempo echoes which charge the poignantly titled, Interlude (American Sorrow) or the crazy ambience generated via The people Intro, through to the life-affirming Body and Soul this is music to inspire you to celebrate life (up’s and downs). The fiery Handz Up resplendent with a ‘z’ tears up the dancefloor with a blaze of syncopated urgency (hear below), contrasted by the beautiful chords which adorn Goin’ On? proving that there’s much more to be said about the soulful qualities engaged than perhaps thought. An excellent album from start to finish. Almost a classic if you were judging this as a full-length player (like in times past) telling a story of experiences and a city life lived in all its abundance.

Vinyl release date: 03 November 2017
Digital release date: 19 January 2018


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