Emanuel Satie Feat. Billy Cobham – Don’t Forget To Go Home – Rebirth Records

In ways the elements contained within this production are as old as time. And it really should come as no surprise that they sound as resilient now as then. Jazz and Blues have always formed the cornerstone of much of our music and therefore this beautiful combination of both sounds typically resonate given the uncomplicated fashion in which they have been delivered. The percussion informs sensation while the jazzy keys weave their sunny magic all over the stereo as timeless loops repeat endlessly across eight minutes of relative bliss. A simple formula really, but of course one that speaks for itself. Next the Nicolosi brothers get to the heart of the matter delivering a raft of sublime instrumentation teasing out the very essence of the piece via their Ambient Mix, which in ways is all the more important in terms of musicality and the transition of movement.

Release: June




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