-ence – Dissensual Grooves – Resist-AV

Artwork by Ciaran Bermingham & Aga Goch

I listened to this in headphones because I thought it required it. Although I’m still not quite sure what to make of it. Not that the free flow of sounds emanating from the minds of Paul Stapleton and Ricki O’Rawe are incomprehensible or that they don’t add up to a fraction of something else in any way. Maybe this experience of rattling, rolling suspension of time is precisely the detail we need in moments like these, given the light of challenging circumstances the cast of shadows are found etched across the resolution of being plugged-in…who knows? Delightfully abstracted and as far removed from melody as is uncomfortable, yet this soundtracks the space in-between the speakers in an unearthly, feverishly organic fashion. Matters alter (slightly) around the 8.30 minute mark (on A) as a pulse of drums introduce themselves, even though they almost aren’t there. A voice struggles for recognition amid the excitable electronic warp with the percussion forming a suggestively slinky rhythm in turn.  But whatever happened I have to say both: A + B surpassed the thrill. Second to that are the remixes with Son Zept sequencing Drum & Bass into the chiming soundscapes, and from This Ship Argo who condense and compact everything via a heavier bass tone guiding the direction of travel.

Buy https://resistbelfast.bandcamp.com/album/dissensual-grooves


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