Erik Satie – Old Sequins And Ancient Breastplates Historical Recordings 1926-1961 – él Records

Diving into the ocean of Erik Satie’s musical world is like diving for pearls. A rapturous, immersive experience capturing the essence of the senses as they rush by. His music was always remarkable and remains so. Explosively quiet as much as it is exhilarating this incredible collection works spans decades. At times reflective, at others dancing around the corners. Listen to Obstacles venimeux (below) from 1914 as it prefigures the likes of Monk’s playing. Refresh the resilient, sublime notes of No. 1 Lent and the emotional triggers ignited via Gnossienne No.1 or, of course, Gymnopédie No. 1 amongst many, many others for pure beauty.

The compilation also boasts rare recordings of his inspired works alongside magnificent sleeve notes guiding your entrance this other world. There is also a telling discussion between John Cage and Morton Feldman titled: In conversation regarding Satie and Noise in the Environment. Perhaps that is a good starting point too.

Release: August 19

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