Even Drones – Ethics – Freund der Familie

I like excellent music. Music that commands your attention while colouring the moments of its duration, leaving a trace of itself behind, altering consciousness and potential for possibility. Even Drones fuel the excitement via a cascade of sights and sounds each recalling the point of why you engaged with the magic of sound in the first place. Try, the intimate beauty of Abandon Ship! as arpeggios shimmer with fascination and the accompanying bass and guitars strum out introspective perfection. Or the jazz infused and likewise brilliant musicality of Monkey Knight and so the story continues supplying a consistent, constant steam of evolutionary, revolutionary pieces of music to tune into. A riot of rhythms are employed alongside a far reaching taste of influences which in turn get rechannelled as individual expression. The use of vocal is sparse but feels all the more impactful when it does occur, sometimes as a challenging addition. As you travel alongside the album, tracks vary in duration, mood and atmospheric intensity such as the incendiary reggae of Atoris, which is followed in turn by the sinister realisation of OrakelMaschine. A futuristic reimagining of soulful exploits cruises throughout resulting in an exhilarating listen ending on the more playful, twisted cinema of Bad Memory Overwrite touching upon a revitalised 1960’s escapade which once again they make their own.

Release: April 1
Buy https://freundderfamilie.bandcamp.com/album/ethics-lp

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