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People come. People go. In the same direction, in opposite directions with different intentions. Those moments occupying the spaces in-between time and are the ones seeking out something fantastical as evidenced here. R.Cleveland Aaron’s journey into the expanse relies on copious investigations into the now and an escape to further beyond. His music can be fractured or provide a blurring of vision, much like life does, but can also be soulful and beautiful as particular occurrences are cherished. Try hearing the title track for a start which features all of those things alongside a wondrous use of stereo prompting smile forming inquiry.

One of the many reflective points that intrigue me about music is its innate ability to evolve into something quite different. Something unexpected surprising you with new-born ideas. This series of albums does that. The evidence lies within the sonic evocations hardwired to the human consciousness craving more radical experience. Listen to the quietly exhilarating Twelve.Three.Three.Three containing a rush of voice plus repeating minimal motifs that refreshes memory and word. A seemingly increased use of drums also appears with unsuspecting mannerisms on numbers like In Order to Funktion. Then providing contrast Shifting Perspectives challenges orthodoxy as waves of pads breach the soul while, Outro – Memoirs from My Inner Voice departs with a sense of good grace and the thought that heaven may just be possible.

These are just words written by me, suggested from elsewhere, as a Consequence of listening to A Matter of Light and Depth. If music is more than the sum of purely nostalgic parts for you, when the allure of melody has lost some of its sting, then I’d sincerely suggest you try this as an alternative.

Release: September 23
Buy https://f5point6.bandcamp.com

See Blue Audio · ‘A Matter of Light and Depth’ (preview) – f5point6 (See Blue Audio SBA #038)
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