f5point6 – The Shuttle Leaves at Midnight – See Blue Audio

Art for me is sometimes about what happens next. Not so much what you see in a given moment captured but what story unfolds in the next frame. The unseen, the unknown. Whether that is getting lost inside a conceived picture or photograph or being subsumed by pieces of music it remains about the excitement of creative, future thinking. Not slightly sad nostalgic reflection. So welcome back R. Cleveland Aaron with his next chapter of works coupling the suggestive depth of the cover Art together with fragments and impressions left in the wake of further sonic explorations. Remaining true to organic form while of course tantalising you with the unexpected via a whir of electricity pulsing with abundant emotion. If you listen closely enough you can hear the voices talking to you.

The Shuttle Leaves at Midnight escapes the stranglehold of the recent past in a blur. You also get the idea that a more utopian/ dystopian vision is being sought, one that encompasses a sense of sci-fi dreaming amid a breathless wonder of the human spirit. Midnight expressed.

Release: November 26


See Blue Audio · ‘The Shuttle Leaves at Midnight’ (preview) – f5point6 (See Blue Audio SBA #028)

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