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Fabiano do Nascimento sounds like a musician playing with his heart and soul. On the sleeve, inside and out. The airy enhancements enacted by machines only come as an extension to that original integrity. Adding grace and space to the language of sounds as they fill the room with brushstrokes of emotion, colouring rainbows amid the heat of sunshine rays.

If all of that seems a bit flowery, it really isn’t. Try listening for yourself. The music is occasioned by flourishes and motifs punctuating the central core via occassional percussion, keys, bass and echoing persuasions. Sometimes the guitar appears more in step with traditional thinking at others broken down into more freethinking alternatives. Perfectly highlighted by the track, Agua de Estrellas. The blissful purity of Bari follows while the brisk, flying drums of Etude 1 reaffirm life next. So the story goes from one chapter to another reflecting heights, then heavenly depths marking out the human condition, all while crafted by notes that touch something altogether deeper within. I also particularly liked the creative impulses firing up Coisa 2 and the melancholy percussion of Tempo. Chances are you might too.

Release: November 24
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Far Out Recordings · Fabiano Do Nascimento – De Manhã

Far Out Recordings · Fabiano Do Nascimento – Etude 1
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