Fabrício Peçanha Q&A

fabCan you tell us a little about your origins and which DJ’s/ Clubs first got introduced to Dance music?

I was always into music, when I was small I enjoyed listening to different sounds, until I came across electronic music through groups like Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, among others. When I was about 16 I started to go out at night and started to get to know the clubs in Porto Alegre (my hometown) where they played this type of music.

Can you talk us through how you produced your latest single: ‘The Walk’ EP (Sex Panda White/Da Way)?

Normally I do two studio sessions in two months and each session takes around 1 month. I produced the EP The Walk along with other music in my studio in Florianópolis. I used Ableton Live to sequence the tracks and used albums analog synths with virtual synths to get the sounds. First I search for the idea of the Groove and then I will expand the music.

What plans have you got for production moving into 2015?

I intend to continue evolving in productions that go together with my career as a DJ. I am renovating and investing in my Studio to try to reach a higher quality in my music.

Do you think these days it is essential for DJ’s to produce as well, or can they still gain popularity through Dj’ing alone?

The market for electronic music is very wide and you can explore all you want, whether as a DJ, producer, club owner, event producer, manager, owner of the agency and etc. One thing is always connected to the other and the more you can take advantage of its potential in this broad market the better. There are very famous DJs that do not produce as there are many very good producers that are not so well known.

Which residencies for you have been the most important in terms of music policy and also building your reputation?

I’ve had great residences like Warung, Beehive, Green Valley and etc. Nowadays I prefer to play at all clubs without any exclusivity.

Your productions cover a range of styles and moods. How important is that variation for you?

A lot, I like having the freedom to explore all kinds of sounds within my style, without prejudice … I like to experiment, I like to try new things, this makes me feel alive and makes my work broader and interesting.

faWhat is the club scene like in Brazil now and can you tell us about how it has developed in the country?

The club scene in Brazil is growing a lot, in the last 12 years, even with growth, I feel that it has not developed as much as other places, because of poverty and mismanagement of the country by its government, but even so we are evolving slowly. I believe that in the future Brazil will be a great power for electronic music.

Where can people hear you DJ? Do you have any dates coming up in England/ Europe?

I’ve played a few times in Europe, but nothing scheduled at the moment.


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