Flip Fantazia – The Trip – Ellon Music

This is the second important album I’ve had the opportunity to encounter this week. Consequential because it is music such as this which delves deep into your psyche scanning memory, thoughts and experience. Flip Fantazia is a new joint venture between Douglas Horner & Tim Belcher and it feels like all the care and attention of detail has been fed into the making of this album. At this point I’m loathed to describe too much about The Trip, though the title may do that for me, apart from hinting at the worldly-wise array of styles competing for your attention from jazz to funk to more ambient flavours, plus an abundance of very fine drumming. I guess there are plenty of reminisces generated when listening to this as it very much feels live, while an ever expanding array of ideas informs an almost cinematic expanse. Try the gorgeous Protect & Serve with Ursula Rucker on vocal for a blast of sumptuous delight. Or the haunting beauty of the drum fuelled Hombre which opens the album. You may already recognise the voice.

Release: May 29

Pre-order https://flipfantazia.bandcamp.com


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