Flore Laurentienne – Volume II – RVNG Intl & Costume Records

Was it a simple coincidence that the sun appeared when I started to listen to this album this morning? Either way it is a nice feeling. Mathieu David Gagnon’s second foray into the art of being human is likewise striking, at times deeply poignant, at others soulfully uplifting. I love the use of synthesized sound transporting the idea of classical accompaniment into the 22nd century, not a new idea of course but one that feels comfortably at home here on Navigation IV – although as the notes drift from grasp you don’t want them to leave. By the time you get caught up in the ending on Fleuve V (léger retour), after the succession of your emotions lift and fall throughout these beautifully captured moments, it feels like the sunny uplands might just lie in wait around the corner. Let’s hope so.

Buy https://igetrvng.com/2022/06/01/flore-laurentienne-announces-volume-ii/

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