Flug 8 – Electric Field – Ransom Note Records

Introspection has not been in short supply this year. Neither have feelings of loss, melancholy or even hints of joyous release. Perhaps I’m not quite ‘selling’ this to you, however this a great album fully worth your undivided attention. Beginning with the shimmering Night Effect which stuns via a causal whir of excitement as layers of sound build, lift and drop into sequence – breath-taking, emotional, eloquent. Aka Daniel Herrmann then proceeds to dazzle with each number supplying a rollercoaster of pulsating notes to inspire waves of thought. At mid-point Bubble Cell leans on a heavier intention as does the temptation of the final Cosmic Noise, though in-between Effective Height implements beauty, while Side Bands twists a tripped out Pink Floyd through the imagination of electrical interference. Perfect.

Release: June 19


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