Forest Robots – Horst & Graben – Elm Records

The word poignant was built specifically to describe this heart-warming and yet brutally emotional journey through the escape of sight and sound. Its raw eloquence sees this collection of ten pieces of music interrupt in waveform the stories from David George Haskell’s book ‘The Songs of Trees’ and I will be now haunting down a copy. Horst & Graben is about the breadth of space as it is about the closeness of being, not a moment is lost to interpretation as wild moods and dark, hot atmospheres paint themselves into striking positions. Every Particle Of Water Understands Change Is Essential feels like it is an essential reference point as swirls of blissful, synthesized strings heat up consciousness while a host of orchestral notation flies free, soaking up influences far and wide. Putting it simply this is music to get lost and found in. In ways that are perhaps unique to Forest Robots sublime timely creation.

Release: September 1

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